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Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 29th Parlor Meeting

Hope to see you at our next SAQA parlor meeting!
March 29 (please note the 3rd Sat in April is Easter weekend so for 2014 this is our Spring meeting)
10am-12noon (welcome to come to lunch after, a great restaurant in the shopping center)
 Prints Charming Quilt Shop (in the back room meeting space)
11711 East Market Place
Fulton, Maryland 20759
At our last meeting we talked about focusing meetings on themes - this one has a money focus and there is a SAQA call earlier in the week also on money...
So show me the Money!!! (the good, the bad and the ugly of working at art with the intention of making some money along the way)
Sharing Experiences
- Cathy Kleeman will share from her personal experience on the topic of selling of art
- those who attend the webinar on March 25 - share aha ideas or "nuggets" of wisdom from webinar
- general discussion on the topic of Selling Art Quilts
Sharing Art
- share pieces selected for SAQA exhibits (including Tarnish - Lesley and Christine encourage that we share in person, and wait to share photos till the exhibit opens)
- show art that you have for sale or are donating to something like the SAQA Auction
- email photos of art that you have sold to and we will be able to have a slide show of our art that is now the property of others
Regional Exhibit - updates on Tarnish Exhibit
- gallery sitting needed - working with the gallery director on a sitting schedule - contact Lesley Riley & Christine Adams to sign up
- Susan Callahan generously offered to have her to have her culinary class present an reception for the Tarnish Exhibit - likely May 9th - more details coming

SAQA Website - hands on demo
How to leverage the SAQA website from a making money perspective

SAQA Mentorship Webinar: Selling Art Quilts
Tuesday, March 25 at 1 pm ET
Join Wen Redmond, Roxane Lessa and Frieda Anderson as they share their experiences and ideas about selling art quilts. Attendees will be able to listen to the panelists and watch digital slide shows on their screens during the webinar. There will be a short Q&A following the presentations. Registration is limited to 100 attendees. If you can not attend the live webinar, you will able to watch and listen to the entire program - to be posted here, after the event.

Looking forward to seeing you all March 29th!
Amalia Morusiewicz and Misty Cole
co-reps Maryland, DC & West Virginia